Spruce up your Store & Intrigue Shoppers

Think of a favorite store you have been to.

Where is it?

What’s in it?

What about it appeals to you?

What does it look like?

What does your store say to your customers?

What makes you unique?

Do the unexpected.

Create unusual architectural Interest- exposed brick, beams, ceilings.

Put on a fresh coat of paint, change colors–do a mural – write or paint inspiring quotes, poems on the walls or floors.

Re-design spending practically nothing

Move things around. Change sections. Move the front desk. Make it fun and inviting!

Invest in one new display piece.

Create a new and unique window display

What is special about your products or services?

How often do you change your store window?

Are you carrying a new line or product that you are excited about?

Do a newsletter to your customers.

Play up the services you offer. Put pictures on the wall of your satisfied customers. They should reflect a service that your business has done for them or show them shopping your store and having a good experience.

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