Blue Earth Pottery

The Blue Earth Area Chamber just received a new shipment of beautiful hand thrown Blue Earth Pottery. No two pieces are exactly alike. There are bread bowls, mugs and vases. The mugs are microwaveable and dishwasher safe. The bread bowls are the perfect size to bake a loaf of bread in. The loaves are the perfect size for dips, soup or stew bread bowls. All of the pottery pieces would make a nice gift. Perfect for showers, weddings, anniversaries birthdays and holidays.

Also available at the chamber are collectible Red Wing, cherry band-stoneware pitchers. They say Blue Earth, MN Established 1856 on them. The smaller 14 oz. pitcher is great to serve cream or gravy in or just to set on a shelf or use for pencils etc. The larger size holds 30 oz. and looks wonderful filled with flowers. All the stoneware is oven, dishwasher and microwave safe. Only 300 of the pitchers were produced. All of the pitchers are numbered. At this time we still have a few small and large pitchers available with the same numbers for anyone wishing to start the collection. In the future we hope to do one more pitcher for a set of three.

For more information call the Blue Earth Chamber at 507-526-2916 or email us at

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  1. Makenzie says:

    I love the hand-thrown pottery. I can’t wait to bring some home after my next visit to Blue Earth!

  2. Jim Winterer says:

    Dear Chamber of Commerce,

    Could you please tell me what produces or is the cause of the “blue” in “blue earth.”

    I know that the name of the city and county and river come from the blue-black clay found in the region, and identified by the American Indians. And I know that for a little while they thought the clay might have copper in it. But could you tell me specifically what is the cause of the blue color? Is it a mineral of some kind. If so, what mineral is it.

    Thanks for your help. All the Web sites I’ve checked just say the name came from the name of the river, basically.


    Jim Winterer
    St. Paul, Minnesota

  3. Erin Cain( Lyon) says:

    Jim Winterer: to answer your question

    Some of the only samples of “mah-ko-tah” are in the Chemistry Department of Minnesota State University and the Blue Earth County Historical Society Museum, both in Mankato. The Blue Earth Area Chamber of Commerce has been given a small piece as well. It is more blue-green than blue, almost an aqua blue color, and somewhat darker when it is damp. MSU has run an analysis on it some time ago and they believe it to be a mineral called Illite.

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