City Wide Clean-Up

The Blue Earth Area Chamber of Commerce  will hold a City Wide Clean Up on Saturday, May 7th from 9 a.m. until noon in the fairgrounds and other locations.

Tires may be disposed of at Bauer Built Tire & Service, 425 North Grove St.

NAPA will have a trailer in the fairgrounds for you to dispose of used lawnmowers, car, motorcycle, or snowmobile batteries.

Used residential oil in small quantities may be dropped off at a site under the grandstand.

Garbage and rubbish, in reasonable amounts may be disposed of in the fairgrounds at the packer truck.  A charge of $25 for a trunk full, $50 for a pickup box full and $80 for a pickup and trailer full will be expected.

Junk appliances must be pre-registered at the Chamber office by Friday noon, May 6th. There is a charge of $25 for each appliance.

Also we will be accepting electronic equipment like computer monitors, hard drives, console TV’s etc. Costs depend on the weight.

Fluorescent lamp and ballast recycling will be held at the fairgrounds. The charge is 1.00 cents for a straight fluorescent light that is 4 foot and under, and $1.25 if over 4 foot.  Other bulbs  and ballasts will be charged accordingly.    Do NOT break your bulbs, package them carefully.

Click her for a detailed Clean-Up flier.

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