How to Join

The Chamber of Commerce has a long history.

The concept of the Chamber of Commerce as a wholly volunteer institution in the United States is eight years older than the Declaration of Independence.

The New York State Chamber of Commerce, the first in America, was organized in 1768 and five years later the first local chamber formed in Charleston, South Carolina.

The Blue Earth Chamber of Commerce originated in 1919 when a nucleus of firms organized and created the present chamber to represent the area of Blue Earth.
The chamber includes the entire Blue Earth area and western Faribault County.

What is the Chamber?

The Blue Earth chamber is a not-for-profit organization, supported mainly by private membership investments. The chamber is made up of businesses, professionals and other civic-minded citizens united to promote a favorable business climate for its members and a healthy community.

As an advocate of the business community, we seek to advance education, support progressive government, and in general promote the welfare of all citizens to enhance the quality of life in the Blue Earth Area. The Blue Earth Area chamber is the only organization, which represents your interests on local, state and national issues.

Why is the Chamber important?

It’s the only organization whose business is the business of business. A strong united community strengthens and builds the economy.

How does being a member benefit your business and this community?

Our prosperity depends upon the development of a prosperous, healthy, and happy community. It doesn’t matter if you are a manufacturing or construction company that does most of your business out of town. You still live, work and buy your goods and services here in this community Your children and your employee’s children still go to school here, have access to excellent health care, attend church and other activities and have a comfortable life here. Keeping this community healthy and viable is in your best interests as a business owner, an employer and a citizen. It’s that simple.

We invite anyone who is interested to join with us. We can use everyone’s time and talents but if you don’t have time to do that we understand. We also need monetary support to keep providing the services we make available to our community and to be able to keep our office open as an information center and business advocate.

Please give our office a call at 526-2916 if you would like to learn more about becoming a member. We would be happy to visit with you. You can find the Chamber Investment Schedule here.